German lessons in Berlin – Improve your knowledge speaking German

Would you like to learn German or improve your knowledge of the German language in one of the most exciting cities of the world, such as Berlin?

As native teacher with long professional experience in teaching languages I can guide you through different subjects of this interesting language. It sounds more difficult as it is really.

No matter if you are just visiting Berlin during a short time or your intention is to stay. To have a good command on the German language will help you to resolve your daily tasks while staying in Germany.

Paprika, Englisch: Pepper, Spanisch: Pimiento

During my lessons you will only speak German. One of the best methods to learn foreign languages is by starting to speak and increase step by step your vocabulary and common expressions. All lessons are organized according to your individual requirements. It is not the same to learn a foreign language, to get first knowledge and be able to cope with daily usual tasks such as: shopping, make phone calls, deal with official institutions, etc. as to improve the knowledge you have already.

In a previous conversation I find out the best learning method in order to achieve your aims in a short period of time. After compiling the information I develop a learning plan specially adjusted to your needs.

You will learn German as your own mother tongue. But do not forget that one of the most important conditions for learning the German language is your own effort.

For more information just get in touch with me under: Kontakt or just send an E-Mail to info@reinstaedtler.com.